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We know how to write blog posts with authority that are both informative and entertaining. No matter who your audience. Click on one of the following collection of financial and payments industry posts to see how news can inform and still be enjoyable reading:

What’s the future of ATMs?
Research: Mobile fraud attacks rise 44% in US
Contactless payments will reach $2 trillion by 2020
Mercato helps independent grocers compete with online sales & delivery
What’s the real cost of merchandise returns?

Future of ATMs?
UK artist Alex Townley

Cryptocurrency News

The cryptocurrency industry is new, technical and not for investors who are faint at heart.  Here’s a few examples of how we’ve covered this new, growing and exciting industry sector with news, information and insight:

British Artist Townley Crazy For Crypto Sales
EY Report: 86% of Top ICOs Lost Value, 30% Lost All Value
Nearly $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Theft So Far in 2018
SEC Chairman: Is Bitcoin a “Security?”
56% of ICOs Fail Within Four Months of Token Launch
Mt Gox Fraud Still Ripples Through Bitcoin Market Today
Why Did the Bitcoin Dinosaur Cross the Road?

Blockchain Is Business

One of blockchain technology’s biggest challenges is trying to explain its benefits to business simply. It’s just one of the challenges when you’re writing about technology. This collection of posts shows that even a technical topic can be informative and entertaining when you can find the story. Just click and see what we mean.

Blockchain Program Helps Farmers and Consumers Talk Turkey
In the Diamond Industry, Blockchain Is Forever
Scottish Whiskey Distiller Battles Fakes With Blockchain
Digitizing Assets One Stradivarius Smart Contract At a Time
Phone SIM Card Scam Nets NY Hacker Cool Crypto Million
Atari & Pong Tokens? Let the Blockchain Games Begin
Swedish Man Loses Bitcoin Password, Sends UK Letterbomb

online shoppers abandon shopping carts

Marketing matters

For the Cashback Industry News and The PR Coach, we’ve written hundreds of posts on the global cashback industry, loyalty programs, e-commerce, marketing and every aspect of public relations from reputation and crisis management to media relations and social marketing.

There’s a knack to crafting useful news and information and building authority and thought leadership as you’ll see if you click on a couple of the posts below.

Are consumers buying gift cards this year?
75.6% abandon purchases in their online shopping cart
What’s the 2017 State of Cashback Programs and Retail ROI?
Content Marketing: Sunny with a Chance of Burritos?
Bad PR: What the Hell’s Up with Marketers?
Bad News Releases: 25 Press Release Turkeys
Seth Godin, Lao-Tzu, me and writing on the internet

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