Smart social media content and sharing can help you reach your most important audiences locally and globally. It can drive big traffic to your business and website and also generate leads and sales, connect you with global audiences and marketplaces, increase your profile and build your thought leadership.  Let’s talk about why social marketing matters.


Social media audiences are huge

We’ve helped clients build hundreds of thousands of social media contacts, follows, favorites, likes, links, eyeballs, contacts, pageviews, subscribers, leads and sales on just about every major social media channel. With a little bit of our expertise, we can help you get there too whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.


What’s social marketing?

We like to say that social marketing is all about matching the right content to the right social media channel. When you do it properly, content marketing using social media channels can be very effective and just about every channel can be targeted, finely-tuned and aimed at local or global markets. The wonderful thing about social and content marketing is that it can have huge reach and yet be very cost-effective. Just ask us.


All social media are not created equal

The words, visuals and content you share on one social media channel won’t necessarily work as well on another channel. For example, Twitter is fast, furious and fleeting. Facebook can be friendly, folksy and personal but it can also be adapted for business, sales and lead generation. Likewise, social media success on LinkedIn depends on a professional tone and extra care in your contacts. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube depend on visual impact. We can help you navigate your way to social media success.

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