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Here are a few recent projects we’ve enjoyed working on with our clients and partners. We specialize in words, content, and social media for small businesses, whether you’re a small startup with BIG plans or a successful mid-sized business that needs to get a better return on your precious social marketing investment.

Need more of the right traffic to your business website?  Is your new business pipeline empty? Lost in a sea of SEO and social media noise? Wandering in the Google search desert? Need a website that works without all the tech talk?

If you hate trying to do it all yourself and you’re getting nowhere fast, we can help! After all, we were built to deliver Social Impakt!


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Social Impakt is your best source
for the words and social marketing you need 
to get real business results

Here are three little things that make us special

Experience Matters

We’ve got decades of expertise in just about every important social marketing niche.  Experience with words and social media that make a difference when results matter. Fast learning curves and no babysitting required!

Creativity Counts

We know how to find the stories in your business that communicate the heart and soul of your products or services. We create the words and pictures that move your audience, motivate your target market or make for delightful engagement.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe that results matter and that your ROI matters most to you. Our mission is to make your social marketing stronger and ensure your business grows. The smile is yours to keep.


Led by Chief Inspiration Officer and Head Writer Jeff Domansky, our dedicated virtual team diligently works together to create words and content that connect you with your most important audiences and the rest of the world. We have the perfect blend of experience, fresh ideas, word craft, design wisdom and social media savvy to get you results no matter the challenge.

Jeff Domansky

Jeff Domansky

Chief Inspiration Officer

“Information without a filter is just noise.”
“The right or wrong words can take on a life of their own.”

Rachel writes



“A good writer is never, ever at a loss for words.”
“Words empty as the wind are always better left unsaid.”

Danielle designs



“When words fail, great design speaks volumes.”
“The right picture is worth a thousand words. Or more!”

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